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When children express "hatred"

Hatred is a strong feeling that can be hard to accept and deal with in children. 

Art about hatred provides an outlet for this raw and intense emotion. 

Expression of hatred often involves destructive imagery. DESTRUCTION can take place IN a drawing-

(by drawing weapons, bombs etc.)

But it can also take place BY DESTRUCTION of the art  itself!


The "I hate COVID" page children an opportunity to do both!

Witnessing: Most children worry that their negative emotions will make them “unlovable”. Witnessing children's creative expressions of hatred helps them move through the emotion in a safe manner that retains  their self-esteem.


Remember: There is a difference between feeling and doing!


Hateful acts such as hitting or hurting are discipline issues.

The underlying feelings are still important to recognize and deal with. ie: It’s ok for children to wish they could put their baby sister in the garbage.. but it’s NOT OK to do it!  BETTER TO DRAW IT!

An empathetic response to a drawing like this would be;

"I think you're feeling really jealous of your sister right now!.

That must be SO hard for you!"

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