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What are "HOW MUCH?" Pages?

                               "HOW MUCH?" pages are coloring pages to show "How much" of a feeling                                         you  are having. People have a lot of feelings!

                                 So, it's ok to fill up A LOT of pages!

                                 Every e-Vroom automatically prints with a "HOW MUCH?" page.

                                 but in case you need MORE, you can also download and print extras

                                 by pushing the green button on your E-Vroom page.


                                 You can color dials and thermometers or fill up tanks and trucks to show

                                 how much you're feeling!

                                 You can also MAKE YOUR OWN "HOW MUCH?" pages!

                                 Sometimes just filling a plain page with color can show how much of a

                                 feeling you have. You may fill 5 pages...or 15... or more!?

illustration: how much.png
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