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   "VRooms" are rooms              for emotions!





                                                                    We can make different "rooms" for the                                                                             different feelings that come up 

                                                                       during the pandemic

                                                               Each feeling gets its own room!

                                                                   We call them "Vrooms." 


  We all have LOTS of feelings so there are lots of Vrooms we can draw in.

 There are boxes and suitcases and rockets along with pretend rooms!



    Make a "Vroom for Bored feelings or Angry feelings.

   There are pages to draw pictures of people we miss

    or things we miss doing. 

    There are even Vrooms to beat up germs!

    Vrooms come with a "HOW MUCH?" page to measure

    how much feeling you have! Need more? You can choose

    4 MORE "HOW MUCH?" pages with thermometers,

    tanks and dials! 

      There are also questionnaires to answer and stories to write!

      (Try to do the Vroom projects in order.)

      Feelings are easier to manage when they get drawn or colored.

                          CLICK on a button (below) for the Feeling Vroom you want to make! 

                          Then download and print out your Vroom to draw/  color / write a                                        story and more!

click here Instructions for PARENTS

How to talk about 

"Vroom" art

illustration 2.png

                           REMEMBER: THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG!

                                 ANYTHING YOU DRAW IS FINE!

                                ANY WAY YOU DRAW IT IS FINE!

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